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The shape of aquarium

When do you decide to buy an aquarium, do you think about the shape? Or, better, do you think about the dimensions of glass or not? For example you can prefer a cubic aquarium, i.e. 50x50x50 cm with 125 liters, or you can double one side and obtain 100x50x50... you double one side and you double the volume... 250 liters. If you double all the dimensions, you'll eight time the volume... 100x100x100 is 1000 liters! That's important when you think about fish you want to host. Sometime a small change in dimensions is a big change on volume. Take the height, for example. From 100x50x50 cm and 250 liters you can pass to 100x60x50 and obtain 300 liters! If you put instead 10 cm on the bigger glass you'll have 110x50x50 and you have only 275 liters... curious, isn't it?

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