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Hey Joe, A break is indeed in order. As someone who had my tank in storage for a loooong time before we finally retired out, I've got a bit of advice. As always seems to be the case, it takes forever till you are able to re-setup the tank. Multiple PCS's and life and kids and all the other crap that accompanies life in the military generally prevents setting up a system. Just when you think you are settled enough to start up, you are dodging another monkey wrench. With that in mind, you might want to consider keeping only items that will withstand storage for the long term. Pumps and powerheads and controllers or anything with a power cord for that matter gets trashed in storage. Years of extreme temperatures and humidity changes wreak havoc. You are just better off selling those items now and purchasing new when you do finally start up. Recoup what you can now rather than chasing electrical gremlins, shorts and mild electrocution later. you will get better more efficient equipment that you will want anyways. Can you imagine the LEDs they might have when you start back up?!? Good luck with everything.

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