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When we left MA, heading to Ft. Lee, we drained the tanks...(55g, 56g, 2 3g Pico, and a 5) we thought we'd be able to setup tanks once we got to VA. Well, we got into housing very soon...that was great. But, everything else got in the way. We called the fish store who was going to ship our seahorses and other tank inhabitants to us to go ahead and sell. A few months later, we got a check for less than $100.
Needless to say we were pretty disgusted and really didn't feel like going through that pain again. That was in 2010. We bought a small farm in VA and decided to be farmers for retirement in 2015.
This year, we got the bug to get the tanks out of their crates and start them up. After washing everything, and testing...some of the equipment was either dry rot, melted together, or just beyond cleaning ability.
We setup and began the cycles on the 55g and two 3g Pico tanks. That's when the fever hit....first came the fluval chi for the betta. We figured we best get the 56g out and setup. When I pulled it from its shipping crate, we found......a crack. After the initial shock, we figured we would be able to use it for a sump or something.
That's when we saw a really nice deal for a 125, complete with fish and a ton of long hair algae. Could pass it up. Then the 27g tall was beckoning us for some ciclids. Then, that ever evasive fluval edge caught our eye....oh, and we can't forget about the sale on the 10g led tanks....gotta have one of those too.
Now...a drag tank....yeah, that's the ticket....luckily we didn't get that one yet....I think the house is going to implode with all the water weight it's retaining. Note to self...crawl under this 106 year old house and build supports for joists.
This long story short...retirement =8 tanks.

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