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Originally Posted by Joe0813 View Post
So cooonfused what to do... if I do choose to join I will lose a six figure job, a massive plow contract, a house, the tank gets broken down, my wife loses a six figure job and her new truck. Blaah
Do not be a dumb***. I am a former Marine grunt. Best and worst time of my life some how all rolled into one. However, if you have got that kind of civilian life going do not shoot yourself in the foot. I applaud you wanting to serve but do not throw a good thing away.

If you still want to serve go reserve. You can always convert to active, but be warned it is not the easy life of a 6 figure civilian job (speaking from experience). You will not regret that decision. You may spend some time away from your family but you still get to serve. It is your call but that would be my advice.

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