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The How-to's of the Photography Forum

This is the place to look for info on image posting, camera shopping, white balance and basic photography techniques.

Quick tips on posting images in this forum:
Reefkeeping Magazine article with image posting (and editing!) tutorials:
More tips for image posting:
Tutorial for posting images with Photobucket as your host:
Photobucket tutorial
Another tutorial on posting images:
Image hosting website suggestions

To resize a picture to use as an avatar you need to do two things-- change the dimensions and compress the image file. This Reefkeeping Magazine article teaches you how to do both things with Photoshop or the free program Irfanview. The problem that most people run into is the compression part because of the file size limitation; you need to get that file size down to no bigger than 8.192k. As far as dimensions go- the longest side can be 150 pixels maximum.

How to buy a good Digital Camera:
Camera shoppers read this:
Reefkeeping Magazine article for camera shoppers!

How to take better pictures:
Reefkeeping Magazine article about how your camera works... step one!
Understanding depth of field
Exposure, compensation and the histogram
Reefkeeping Magazine article about white balance.
Must-reads about white balance!
Photoshop tutorials

150g mixed reef
Apex, 60g sump, MTC MVX-26 skimmer, MTC Minical, Geo kalk reactor, Tunze 6095s, closed loop, Orphek Atlantiks. Utube video:

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