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How old is your oldest fish?

Not sure if this has been done before but I was curious about how old some of our fish can get. Speaking for myself, I have a Blue Tang I purchased at my LFS 9 years ago. She was maybe a little bigger than a quarter. She's doing great and lives in a 175g bowfront FOWLR tank with a 55g sump. She is much more skittish than her tank mates which include a Yellow, Naso and Scopus Tang with a File fish, and Koran Angel along with some bottom dwellers like a Scooter Blenny and a Watchman Goby. Her hidey hole is pretty huge because she has gotten rather large over the years and even after all this time, she still bolts for it when I walk up to the tank. And NO her name is not Dory but everyone and I mean EVERYONE calls her that... So again, I was just curious how some old other fish were and seeing a pic would great if you choose to post one.

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