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I am very interested in getting a pair of clowns and breeding them. I am still in the planning stages of my setup. I am glad I have found all of this information. What I have read so far has been very helpful and informative. Just wanted to say Thank You and I will more than likely be posting some newbee breeding questions in the future.


"But of the reeftank of 125 gallons, thou shalt not tap on it: for in the day that thou tappeth thereof thou shalt surely die."

Current Tank Info: 125gal AGA with 4" DSB, 3-250watt MH (10k), 160watt VHO x2 (actinic), 22gal refugium with 5.5" DSB with 65watt PC fixture (50/50), 20gal sump with MR-1 Skimmer and Mag 24 return
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