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I've read the very informative article provided here in this thread concerning copepod cultivation. I was curious if anyone has actually tried the method written in that article? The main question I have is how much phytoplankton to use when feeding the copepod culture. The author states to keep the tank green, but what is too green? He also states to follow the directions for the phytoplankton you have, but from what I've discovered, most if not all of the brands simply state how much to add to a normal display tank, not for cultivating purposes where the tank stays green. Incidentally, I just picked up a 15oz bottle of DT's phytoplankton.

I'll basically be following the author's suggestions to the letter to give you an idea. With that having been said, DT's suggests I add ~5ml of their phytoplankton per 15 gallons. Can anyone help me out with how much I might use to cultivate my 'pods? I'll have about 1,000 adult copepods and a number of females with eggs. The phytoplankton mixture will take up ~5 gallons of the 10 gallon cultivating tank. Any help concerning how much of DT's phytoplankton as well as any other tips would be greatly appreciated.


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