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Has anyone here actually tried to cultivate copepods in this manner? Is there a general guideline which could point me in the right direction aside from the cultivating solution being "green?" The green tone accompaning the image of the setup tank makes it appear as though there's ~3 gallons of DT's phytoplankton, which can't be the case. IYO are more than welcome and I appreciate them, but IYE would be even more helpful. Thank you.


Current Tank Info: 25gal SW tank w/ 70+ lbs of LR, 30 lbs LS, cleaner crew. 10gal sump/fuge, return utilizing SCWD. Closed loop utilizing SCWD. **Four-line Wrasse, Psychedelic Mandarin, Green Star Polyps, various 'shrooms and zos and an Australian Sea Apple** ^_^x
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