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I do have a fairly heavy bio-load but most of the pictures are from other people's tanks- my tank is not that crazy And yeah, eventually two feather dusters disappeared although the Coco Worm is fine. Re. husbandry stuff- I try to keep up with 20% water changes twice a month and I feed the fish once a day. Below the 100g tank is a 20g refugium and 20g sump- in the sump is a very good skimmer. I recently added a phosphate reactor too. Plus there's a calcium reactor... plus an auto top-off... plus plus plus! There's always more

150g mixed reef
Apex, 60g sump, MTC MVX-26 skimmer, MTC Minical, Geo kalk reactor, Tunze 6095s, closed loop, Orphek Atlantiks. Utube video:
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