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In the Canon camp I have both the 100mm and the mp 65mm. The 65mm is without a doubt the king of macro lenses, but it has many limiting qualities and disadvantages, depending on the subject. It has no focus (it has a zoom ring to adjust the zoom level). The max focal distance is a few inches at 1:1 and nearly touching the lens at 5:5, the image through the viewfinder is incredibly dark requiring a modeling light. The apertures it uses are so small that a ring flash is mandatory for nearly any shot other than direct sunlight on a still subject. The depth of field is paper thin. If you can cope with those limitations there is no other lens I have seen that can rival the quality of pictures it can produce. The 100mm is a nice lens that also can be used as a normal 100mm. In use as a macro lens it has everything you want for aquarium macro: Price is reasonable, has a focal distance that is usable for shooting in an aquarium, very sharp image quality, on larger apertures it can be used without a flash, has auto focus. There is a 180mm L macro that is more expensive and has a longer focal distance than the 100mm at 1:1 but its heavy and big.

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