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The sad fact is that no matter how many well meaning groups and individuals point out what is going on, most people, if they care at all, feel a mild sense of irritation and then return to their everyday life and concerns.

In large urban areas, land is worth money, while waters outside (and sometimes inside) the 12 mile limit simply aren't their problem, and nothing will ever change unless the word "Sea" becomes the word "$ea".

Americans point fingers at the Africans and S. Americans and proclaim "save the rainforest", while our current administration just opened up logging of our National forests and our only pristine rainforest (Wash. State and Oregon) are still being utilized for lumber as the "people there know no other way of life".

Apparently they are too stupid to be retrainable or the government won't cough up the fees for any one of thousands of "learn at home" courses that flood the airwaves, in which case, maybe it's THEY who deserve to become extinct (probably half of their food comes from poaching wildlife anyways, an acceptable practice in MANY remote rural areas.)


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