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A solution that worked in my case

My Zoos had been closed up for a couple months despite 5min RO dips. Parameters perfect, albeit a 10ppm for Nitrate. I like to feed. So anyway I started dosing a reef vitamin C supplement, but didn't notice too much change (a few more opened).

It wasn't until I dipped them in Furan 2. I should have done it sooner, when they started melting. But I hadn't realized the extent of loss until I had looked at a couple of old photos. I lost a lot of time on stuff that hadn't worked. But the next day after the Furan most of them were open again.

I'm wondering if the enemy is a bacteria specific to the zoos we don't know about. I'm half tempted to try to culture it. If it's a fungus that would be interesting too, but I think the Furan product is more anti-bacterial than anti-fungal in nature.

If it is genuinely bacterial, then it would make sense, seeing as how it got worse after I started carbon dosing. I have since stopped, and hope that whatever bacteria it might have been doesn't rear it's ugly head again!

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