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Coming to you for some advice.

Before any of you go on a witch hunt, this was all purchased decades before I was born, I just recently inherited it due to losing my father, a science teacher. He collected anything awesome. However I am a big advocate against how decor like this is made, and would like to bring it back where it belongs, and still have a centerpiece to enjoy.

Ok so I have some old coral skeletons, two of witch I am too new to the hobby to identify dead, so I will name them myself. Both are dyed it looks like with something...I would date these from 1950s-70s no F'n clue what was used.

Big Blue
Green Monster

However I am starting up a new Nuvo 30gal, and would like to feature both in my tank. Mainly the big blue one, but I like both lol.

Would it be possible to bleach the crap off them so nothing would leech into my ecosystem? Would make my day to rehost some life back onto these guys slowly in my tank.

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