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High nitrites

Hello everybody,

Looking for a little help. I just setup a 125 gallon tank about 2 weeks ago. Started the cycle with a piece of shrimp. Left the shrimp for about 3 days and then pulled it. Have been watching parameters for the 2 weeks. Ammonia came and went. Nitrites are testing at 5ppm. Nitrates around 10 to 20ppm.

No lights have been on. No add ins at all.

So here is my issue

I have had the water tested by 3 different LFS.

I test with API as does one of the LFS. Both test were pretty much identical.

Another LFS tested with salifert. They came up with 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and about 10 ppm nitrate.

The 3rd LFS tested with tetra ( i know probably not the best). Their results were 0 ammonia, .5 to 1ppm nitrite. 10 to 20 ppm nitrate.

My question there something i am doing wrong or missing??

Tank has 100lbs live sand. Also 100 pounds of base rock and 2 good size pieces of life rock.

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