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Originally Posted by tazdvl100 View Post
I have done it this way before and never had this issue. May have to try something different for sure.
Is the issue the difference in the test kits or the fact you think those nitrate levels are high? (They most certainly aren't for a cycling tank)..
Sounds like a totally normal new tank mid cycle to me and typical results from hobby test kits..

Typically the process takes 4-6 weeks.. Just wait another 2 weeks then start doing water changes to drop nitrates to acceptable levels and begin slowly stocking the tank..

You put an ammonia source (shrimp) into a tank with little to no nitrifying bacteria and little to no denitrifying bacteria. The nitrifying bacteria starts to get established fairly quickly to process ammonia into its lesser toxic forms (nitrites/nitrates).. The denitrifying bacteria can take months or more to really get established and start processing the nitrates into nitrogen gas where it can escape the tank and you have nothing else that will consume it..

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