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Originally Posted by mcgyvr View Post
Yes.. Exactly.. Here is the article..

Its 1/10th the bacterial population in the water column not total bacterial populations.. To say that skimming removes 90% of the bacteria in a tank is incorrect. It can remove ~90% of the water in the water column only.
Far higher bacterial counts are present on surfaces of the tank than are removed via skimming.

And a quote from the article..
When the study and dr. Tim say total bacteria in the water they are comparing reef in nature to reef in aquarium system.
Bacteria on the substrates will continue to be on substrate whether in natural reef on the rocks or in aquariums on the rocks.
We can only assume that bacterial population on the rocks in a system is even less than on the rocks in the sea.

The main message from the study and what dr. Tim was trying to convey is that our aquariums already at a disadvantage with bacteria and one of the reasons he attributed it to the mechanical filtration.

In any event, the study and the tech talk is there. Maybe it's open to interpretation. The substance of the statements in my eyes stands..
" mechanical filtration reduce bacteria"
"Our aquariums inherently deficient in becteria"


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