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Nitrite will confuse most or all nitrate test kits, so I wouldn't worry about that measurement just yet. I am not sure whether that test result is correct, but if it is, I might do a series of 30% water changes to lower the nitrite level a bit. High nitrite levels might inhibit the growth of beneficial bacteria, but I am not sure on that. I wouldn't put a lot of effort into it, since the tank will be fine given some time. I might try testing some distilled or freshly-mixed saltwater, to see whether the nitrite kit is doing its job properly.

The bacteria that process ammonia in our tanks live on the substrate. I don't see any evidence that a skimmer will cause a problem in a tank, or affect the ammonia cycle much. Lots of people have run skimmers off and on and not had much of an issue, although it's hard to be sure what's happening.

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