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Andy must be overworked,guess he didn´t check this
I think what he means,(and I share) is that harp.pods are nice and easy to culture,but they are mostly useless as larval food or for any other practical use for the hobbyist.
I thought mandarin feeding was the only use they had,but now I see that it is not practical to culture all the pods these guys need on a daily basis.It is better to wean them to adult bs and then frozen or prepared foods.Or left in a large tank with lots of LR with enough harp.pod population to keep them well fed.In this case you don´t need to culture them either.
The copepods that we need are calanoids and cyclopoids that are a substantial part of ocean´s plankton and of larval´s food.
I wanted to have it straight,cause many people could not know the differences between benthic and planktonic copepods and think they´re all the same.
Some harp.pod sellers exploit this confussion.There is a harp.pod being offered showing the picture of a calanoid pod.

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