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Summarising the inputs by Andy and Luis, herpacticoid copepods are actually benthic copepods which spend their time mostly on substrata. These are very easy to culture as their growth mainly depends on the amount of surface area provided. However as stated, fish larvae which are pelagic fair poorly on such copepods as their prey needs to be pelagic as well. As such, herpacticoid copepods are'nt suited for most fish larvae as most of the time they are'nt available in the water column.

Calanoid copepods are mainly pelagic. As such, the feasibility of culturing these guys would depend on the water volume that could be provided. The main drawback of such cultures is the amount of space the cultures would take up. While herpacticoid copepods are grazers (on diatoms. etc), these guys take up microalgae directly from the water. As such, food supplementation is also more of a hassle. The only publication on culturing calanoid copepods I can remember is about the culture of Gladioferens imparipes.

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