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A big part too is knowing how to get the information FOUND - i.e. it's not easy to search RC, and the words contained in the post mean so much when it comes to finding things - i.e. if you search for "Flame" vs. "Flame Angel" vs. "Centropyge" or "Copepod", or any combination of those, in the breeding forums, you'll get entirely different threads. Jam packing those titles and posts with as many key words as might be relevent for the topic helps other people find the info (i.e. googling "Spawning Synchiropus" vs. "Breeding Synchiropus" will give you entirely different results, yet within both those results may be some relevent info).

Anyway, I hate to pump up such a powerhouse, but it seems if I can't find it on Google it probably doesn't exist. Just like always, the key to finding info is trying as many different yet relevent search terms (i.e. only by searching "Wolfgang Mai + synchiropus" did I find his earlier article from the '90's, in french, on breeding S. splendidus). The articles above were quickly found by googling "Acartia copepod culture" - there are MANY MORE than the first couple I posted.



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