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I ordered a new plant and it should be here next week. I will take my time acclimating it. I did read somewhere that they added a capful of salt water per day and it took about 2 weeks for it to acclimate to salt water. 3 months sounds more logical. Thank you very much.

Restarting 180G Very Mixed Reef Tank, Custom Cabinet, Kessil AP700, 4 x T5ís , 2 X 60" XHO LED's, Dump Bucket Style ATS, bag of carbon, no mechanical filtration allows food to stay in suspension.

Current Tank Info: In Garage: 130G Refugium, 30G sump for remote ATO, 55G RO/DI Reservoir, additional EB8. Finishing: Custom Nelson style KalkRx, Custom Cole Palmer style CalRx with PT CO2 Carbon Reactor Controller, 2 Axis Robot Feeder for Garage Plankton Farm.
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