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Crystal Clear Water in aquarium

We all prefer to have a very crystal clear water in our tanks, except some freshwater aquarium with a specific biotope. So what can we do to obtain it?

In freshwater aquarium, we relate almost all the work to perlon filter. A mechanical way to do the right thing. We could also employ the activated carbon, but it's not always advisable because it takes out so much from water.

In marine aquarium we have many more way to accomplish this task. We can use the perlon filter, but as it becomes quickly a biological filter, it's not so advisable, it's much better to use a filter sock, and clean it often. Then we can use the activated carbon, and we have to. But we can obtain far more by using ozone, but with redox lowest than 400. As last chanche we can also use zeolite, but, we have to know that it will keep down the nitrates and ammonium at a very very low level. What's you preferred method? Let's talk.

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