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Looming threat

As I draw near a PCS (well... if my school application goes through) I feel like there is an axe looming over my reef. The day I have to tear it all down and sell the pieces off. I nkow I wouldn't be able to move it with me this time at least since I would be entering a enw career field and have no idea what kind of time I will have (likely very little).

How do you all deal with it every few years? Tips and tricks, advice, anectdotes, and stories welcome!


70 gal w/ 15 gal sump. 1 flame wrasse, 2 a. occelaris, 1 Bangaii Cardinal, 1 midas blenny, assorted CUC, 1 brittle star.

Current Tank Info: 70g 20g sump. 1 Flame Wrasse, 2 A. Occelaris, 1 Bangaii Cardinals, 1 Midas Blenny
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