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Sell or give away all the living things.
Sell or give away all the hardware that I couldn't see keeping for the duration.

Don't consider long term housesitters.

Now that I'm a retired old guy, I tend to collect the hubris until I run out of space, and then I have to go through the same process mentioned above.

Enjoy your adventures, Mike.


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Current Tank Info: 360 degree walk around 300 DD island–4 300W & 2 165W ViparSpectra, 4 Kessil A350W, 2 A360WE, 3 XF150, 1 XF250, 1 XF350 Gyre along with 2 PP40 and 2 IceCap 3K gyre for robust current. Basement 150 gallon RubberMaid sump, SKIMZ skimmer, DCP18000
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