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Originally Posted by rgulrich View Post
Best of luck, Mike. My dad started out as a C-47 driver in WW II and his career spanned anything from paradrop and towing gliders to tankers and F-4's before he retired. My career was spent in the back of various RC-135's and EC-130's, although I did sit on the camera box on occasion to watch landings.

Best run was a low-go in the early 90's over the Arabian Gulf, back of a 130 wearing a harness ...the AC and I spoke about coral and reefkeeping and he gave me a first hand view of a chunk of the Gulf reefs while sitting on the rear bunk.

Fly good, man.

Thanks, Sounds like he had a great career, it would be thrilling to get to fly all those airframes. My favorite moments so far were hanging out the side of a C-17 doing a simulated paradrop, watching the cargo slide out the back of the same C-17, laying next to a boom operator on a KC-135 while refueling a B-2 and some F-22's, and tossing my cap in falcon stadium as the Thunderbirds flew over.

Blue Skies,


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