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Having read all 14 pages

Having read this entire thread I am ready to start and now have the following questions.

First my plan is to use 1L Voss bottles as my growing chamber. I have a 18" T5 growing light. I am planning on using my Phyto2 bottles to start my phyto farms. Growing 2 different types of Phyto(Nano and Tetra). I will start with one bottle of each type then grow it out to 4 bottles of each.

What should I use for fertilizer? I know of locals using Miracle Gro but have read about Guilards F2 which seems out of production now. What is my better than Miracle Gro option nowadays?

I am a home brewer and the process of growing microfoods seems very similar to growing yeast. I do not want to wipe out my bottles of the Phyto2 so can i start with a small culture like 1/4 liter in the Voss bottle and add the appropriate fertilizer and a sample of the Nano and Tetra then grow that for a week, then add more 1,019 salt water and fertilzer to create 1/2 Liter, then later step it up to a full liter once that is green?

We have had a healthy population of copepods from our sump before but am not sure if the wrasse ate them all or our lack of feeding has lessened the population. I would like to add some Pods soon would Tigre be best?

Is it possible to order some rotifers when I order the other items and wait to start the batch until my Phyto farm is producing?

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