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algagen has pure starter cultures for nano and isochrysis galbana .I use 3 liter soda bottles they cost a dollar each. F2 [kent] from aquatic ecosystems 1 ml per liter, havest 75% of the culture on day 5 to 6 for maximun nutitional value. I then refill with fresh sea water made with ro/di H2O SG 1.020. Illuminate for 16 hrs/day I USE A 6500K CFL WITH A CLEAR LENS.

Experience is the product of mistakes
Its better to have lost one fish in quarantine than all the fish in the display tank!
reef tanks are my heroin and I am a junkie.

Current Tank Info: 480 gallon system 180 display tank recently reset,plumbed to a 110 fuge and another 110 display 2 30 gallon resorvoirs and sump. reseach room presenlty with 6 20 gal 6 29 gal 1 50 gal, tank and growing , culturing micro algae,copepods,rotifers
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