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Phyto culturing in 5/gal cardboys...


Hey all, just a heads up about larger culture containers, I grow 3 types of phyto, tet, iso and nano (30/gals) and I've had cultures last for 2 1/2 months until the density starts to lower and I'll start them over (usually compete with bacteria). It takes about three weeks for the densities to increase enough to split (2 1/2 gals) and I replace the phyto with 2 1/2 gals of sterilized culture water @ 1.020. I light them 24/7 and built a station that holds the lights and frames out of pvc that holds the carboys. This is a change from when I was culturing phyto with 3mil 17 liter bags from FAF but this was extremely time consuming. I feed 10/gals of Rot's (plicatilis) and my tank 120/gal mixed reef. If you can start out with a sterile culture, filtered air (.03 micron) and clean you containers when you start your new cultures (1qt of sodium hypo per 5/gals and then rinse and add 2 pints of muriatic acid each for 24 hours) you'll get the jump on bacteria and your culture will have a better chance at surviving for longer. This culturing technic has proven to be the easiest way yet (started with gal rubber made containers) and lots of less work involved for me. I start with 4ml of FAF Algro per gal and the only time I will add anymore is when I split and add the sterilized culture water that replaces the phyto I remove to feed the rot’s, this averages around 1.5 to 2 ml of fertilizer per gal per 7 days in the long run.
Just thought I would throw my two cents in and this is a great thread and a lot of experience and good points.

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Current Tank Info: 120/gal mixed reef 18/gals phyto nana,tet and iso 10/gals roti's
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