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Hey guys I read on another thread that this was the place to get a skimmer question answered.

I had a question about protein skimmers and sharks. Im planning a 280 minimum tank for a couple coral cat sharks. Possibly also a eel and ray down the road but fish only. Any aquarium/fish store ive called all said theres no need for the protein skimmer in a minimal fish only tank. I read online a lot that people say get it because theyre messy eaters. Isnt the scraps from a meal mostly larger and caught in the socks or live rock?

Ideally, please respond and follow in my thread

If the correct thing to do is to get a skimmer, and for reasons other than 'why not' or 'to be safe' are they recommendations for the 280-320 gallon shark tank? My plan is to have a large sump with most of the live rock there. I have space for internal or external.

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