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Originally Posted by taricha View Post
Grrrr. I contaminated my culture I just got of parvocalanus pods with some tisbe (or similar).
I have strainers of 10, 25, 40, 150 & 250 microns.
I'm feeding live T-iso.
Ideas for isolating parvocalanus?

I think youíll have to start over. Thereís no way to be able to seperate by species using sieves. Only different sizes of animal. I always do that too. I just let what species of pod just take over. Itís near to impossible to maintain isolated cultures, especially at home. Make sure that you use good isolation techniques like keep cultures away from each other, plastic curtains, etc. I raise pods and rotifers for breeding fish and shrimp. Most of the time it doesnít really matter if itís contaminated.

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