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Jeremys Fluval Evo 5 office build

Setting up a small tank in my work office and wanted a place to talk about it so here we are. Will be a mostly stock tank to start out - hoping to have some easy to care for corals and a few inverts (nothing too needy as im only here so much time out of each week).

Plan is to remove the filter from the back chamber and use that for my heater and a place to mount my old HK nano that I have from previous builds. Lighting will stay stock for now. I have old live rock (probably 15 pounds) that I will be using and seeding with small amounts of new rock and live sand.

In an effort to increase water volume a little along with adding more natural filtration I am also considering using an old aquaclear 110 I have laying around as a fuge. It will be a small amount of sand, rock rubble, and chaeto most likely while also increasing the flow of the system (it will be restricted back). I had concerns about the weight of the filter on the glass wall but the tank seems to be built nicely so we will see what happens.

Because its in an office there was a concern about potential spills so I am having a tray made out of plexi that can hold 5 gallons of water. The tank will sit in there incase there is a failure of some sort and it should be able to hold most/all of the water from the system.

Thats the plan for now. Hoping to post pictures soon and as the tank comes along (photobucket has changed a lot since the last time I made a thread so I am searching for a new image hoster)

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