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Originally posted by edr42
Surprisingly, the only really big angels were the six lines, which are quite skittish. There far too many small angels around to even think about counting. Bicolours are quite numerous, and i've seen a few regals, but not many of the huge ones.
My impression is that angels are skittish in general and are therefore perhaps not the number one food item on the reef. That said, I've eaten angel myself. It was delicious, but in the last year or so I can't seem to really enjoy fish any more, least of which would be angels!! ( & probably groupers & triggers, too)

I love Centopyges the most (not to eat ), do you know which ones swim in your area?

And I hope you don't mind all these questions ... But how long would you say the the largest bicolors are (nose to end of tail)? And what length do you see most of?

And I hope you also don't mind, but I must fess up & tell you that your photos have become my slide show screen saver. And Bluey is my wallpaper. You not only have great subjects, but you are a great photographer.


So long, & thanks for all the fish!

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