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Originally posted by edr42
That clam was about 3 feet end to end. There are a large number of clams that size on the reef, with the majority over 1.5 feet end to end.

The bicolours range from about 3 inches, up to big ones 6 inches or more. The big ones have blue cheek spines that are quite distinctive. Most of the ones you see are 4 inches or more, with the little ones being very close to the coral for protection.

Bluey is quite the photo ham! he loves attention and regularly tries to taste my camera. Chosing a desktop is quite a drawn out procedure for me these days, so many photos!
Thanks for that info - I hope to come check out those blue cheek spines & 3 foot clams personally . I keep showing my husband pictures of Bluey. Finally last night he was looking up Townsville on the internet - he liked it! According to one source Cactus Jack's doesn't sell liquor? I've never heard of a Mexican restaurant that didn't serve margaritas - maybe a liquor license is hard to get in Queensland (?). I'll have to check into it

The airfare is unbelievable from Houston, but he sounds interested in a visit.

What's up with those killer jellies? Some sources made it sound like during jelly season you'd be crazy to set a toe in the water around there


So long, & thanks for all the fish!

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