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By today it was evident by his movement (they're real slow) that he wasn't picking the best way out, or that his 'mouth', the center of the disk, was somehow not passing the obstacle of the small pebble atop him.

So I a) cut off the main pump, b) cut off the gyre pump c) got the tallest ladder that can deal with this tank, and got the kitchen tongs, a simple, hand-friendly pair without complications, and with a fairly simple business end, because that slot is narrow.

With water movement stopped, the fact my light kit lifts with the lid made less problem. A lantern set to the side gave me lumination, and with the canopy lid up, I could move the glass section and still manage it---it's a lovely tank, but is 36" deep and has a 10" lid, so reaching down in to handle a small shroom takes some doing. And kitchen tongs. Main thing in a job like that is something that won't crush or lose the object.

I managed to turn him. I THINK i've got him in a better position and right side up in the narrow crack where he's lodged, and IF he is free he can position himself where he wants to be, ie, they're phototropic (light seeking) but not when the light is too strong. We'll see whether he can do it from here. But at least he doesn't have the scale-equivalent of a boulder sitting on his back. He's a very colorful but very small fellow, and I sure hope he makes it.


Salinity 1.024-6; alkalinity 8.3-9.3 on KH scale; calcium 420; magnesium 1300, temp 78-80, nitrate .2. Ammonia 0. No filters: lps tank. Alk and cal won't rise if mg is low.

Current Tank Info: 105g AquaVim wedge, chromis, royal gramma basslet, tailspot blenny, ocellaris clown, RBTA, signal goby, yellow watchman, red firefish, chestnut turbo snails, bristleworms, couple of hermits.
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