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Originally Posted by tassod View Post
All this is very insightful but i don't think it can help my current situation. At this point i will be continuing my copper treatment to see what happens. For my lunula trigger he basically looks like he's covered in powdered sugar and he scratches big time. He also is looking weak. He's still eating (he's a trigger!) but i fear that giving him a freshwater dip may put him over the edge although my S.G right now is at 1.012 (slowly going up) as i tried hypo for a bit but didn't really see any improvement. Will flukes stay on him at this low of SG?
Man I'm sorry and feel your pain. My crosshatch ate up until the day he died... Flukes will die in hypo, but anything above hypo then they could still survive I suppose

Fish are not disposable commodities, but a worthwhile investment that can be maintained and enjoyed for many years, providing one is willing to take the time to understand their requirements and needs

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