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Remote sump

Thanks. I'm debating between two systems, which could be used in the alternative or complementary. Neither of the contemplated choices involve powerheads or the like.

I am using a remote sump in the basement. How do I return the water from the sump to the tank? I could use one pump or two in the basement. If I use two very strong pumps (such as Iwaki RLT100) I could put the two pumps on a wavemaker. This would presumably create lots of chaotic flow. This might be all that is necessary. Some would say, however, that running so much water through the sump (4000 GPH or so) would create bubbles. Hence, the consideration of the closed loop circulation with an external pump. Other advantages of using the closed loop may be less electricity (why move so much water up and down to the basement?) and the ability to create flow at different levels of the tank.

If I use a closed loop, that might render the wavemaker unnecessary because I might have enough flow (albeit not random) without it. Under this line of thinking, I would use one strong pump in the basement to return water from the sump, and another pump under the tank for the closed loop circulation (or if I wanted even more flow I could create two closed loops). Under this approach, I don't have to worry about compatibility issues between the wavemaker and the pumps. (Of course, there's always overkill: two pumps in the basement on a wavemaker) and two closed loops.)

I'm obviously very confused. Any light that you can shed on this would be appreciated.

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