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Originally posted by beerguy
That's an excellent example of my rule of tripod selection. While that's a stable, inexpensive setup it weighs a ton. There isn't anything inherently wrong with that.

I do a lot of backpacking and hiking. The difference in weight between that rig and what I use means that I can carry an additional lens.

I also don't care for the 3D, pan/tilt head. Again that's personal choice but I don't know a single professional that prefers that over a quality ballhead.
1) It certainly does weigh a ton, but as a photojournalist carrying several film camera bodies and various lenses for each, including 200 and 600mm old school APO glass, weight wasn't so much of an issue because it was all in my car.

2) When packing and hiking/climbing/skiing etc, I carry my mono-pod.

3) I'm not referring to pan/tilt head at all, but a very compact 3-D head with fully adjustable segments for exact positioning. For studio work or product photography, this by far beats a traditional ball head due to the simple fact that you can very quickly and easily make indicated and indexed adjustments as needed. I shot professionally for years, which is why I have and use this head. I'll agree with you completely in regards to a pan/tilt head being total crap though!



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