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Originally Posted by Pisces28 View Post
Thanks! Im looking for the intank media basket but its pricy
I will end up buying it though.
How often do you chnage the poly fill, purigen and chemipure elite?

I will have about 15- 20 lbs of rock and 30 lbs of sand.
Can you recommend how many ready-made salt waters to purchase? Just an approximate maybe
I change the poly fill daily, purigen and chemipure I change every 2-3 months, it will depend on your bioload. I'd get 30 gallons to start you'll have it for water changes later on. Also look into mixing water it's cheaper in the long run than pre-mixed. I had about the same sand and rock, mine took only 23-25 gallons to fill. I didn't up grade to the in tank for a while, I just used the stock basket, put the poly on top, then purigen on the second shelf, and hung the chemipure.

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