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You mention diamond bit, are you assuming glass cutting or a diamond bit for cutting acrylic. That is where my confusion was in regard to already having one that will cut a hole that states is suitable for plastic. Though of course they may not be the same.

I will look for other pumps that are of a lower flow rate. I found the details of the skimmer that I got as a hand me down: It is an AquaC Remora with a Maxijet 1200 pump rated at 295gph. I assume there is some loss so I am looking at a model 1200 (296gph stated) Quite One pump or should I go a little higher with a 2200 (581gph stated) Quiet One. Seems like a tough range to pick from, the 1200 has 1/2" connectors while the 2200 has 1" connectors.

So it would appear to select 1/2" piping for the 1200, the pipe states a rating of 420gph, while 3/4" at 660gph and 1" at 960gph. I do not know if I should buy larger piping "just in case" applies. Very confusing!

Continued help is appreciated.

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