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Moray Eel Species Tankmates versus Species Tanks

Im in the process of acquiring many Moray Eels for a large build with many tanks together; and any recommendations on system equipment.

[I got quite a deal on several dozen 72x24x30 225G tanks (63 tanks total), and a local finish carpenter owes me quite of bit of labor from a cancelled job he was already paid for.]

My question is regarding which Enchelycore, Gymnothorax, and Muraena Moray species are generally okay in pairs or trios versus those which are really better alone in a species tank. The Echidnas will all be combined into 2 tanks.

The project is to include about 80 Moray Eels over the next 3 years, so Ill have some flexibility if tankmates need to be rehomed separately or with other eels along the way.

The easiest responses would likely be to simply indicate which Morays are best kept alone in species tanks. Currently, that list includes:

Tesselata Moray (Gymnothorax Favagineus)
Fimbriated Moray (Gymnothorax Fimbriatus)
Japanese Dragon Moray (Enchelycore Pardalis)

The whole list for consideration:

Anatina - Fangtooth Moray
Bayeri - Hookjaw Moray
Bikiniensis - Bikini Atoll Moray
Carychroa - Chestnut Moray
Kamara - Darkspotted Moray
Lichenosa - Reticulate Hookjaw / Koke Moray
Nigricans - Viper / Mulatto Moray
Nycturanus - Night Sky Moray
Octaviana - Slenderjaw Moray
Pardalis - Japanese Dragon Moray
Propinqua - (no common name assigned)
Ramosa - Mosaic Moray
Schismatorhynchus - Whitemargined Moray

Canina - Longfang Moray

Zebra - Zebra Moray

Afer - Dark Moray
Albimarginatus - Whitemargin Moray
Andamanensis - (newly discovered)
Angusticauda - Narrowtail Moray
Angusticeps - Wrinkled Moray
Annasona - Lord Howe Island Moray
Annulatus - Ringed Moray
Atolli - Atoll Moray
Australicola - South Pacific Moray
Austrinus - Southern Moray
Bacalladoi - Canary
Baranesi - Baranes Moray
Bathyphilus - Deep Dwelling Moray
Berndti - Y-Patterned Moray
Breedeni - Blackcheek Moray
Buroensis - Latticetail / Vagrant Moray
Castaneus - Panamic Green Moray
Castlei - Castle's Moray
Cephalospilus - Headspot Moray
Chilospilus - Whitelip / Lipspot Moray
Chlamydatus - Banded Mud Moray
Cinerascens - (no common name assigned)
Conspersus - Saddled Moray
Cribroris - Sieve Moray
Davidsmithi - Flores Mud Moray
Dorsalis - (newly discovered)
Dovii - Speckled / Finespotted Moray
Elegans - Elegant Moray
Emmae - (no common name assigned)
Enigmaticus - Enigmatic / Tiger Moray
Equatorialis - Spottail Moray
Eurostus - Salt & Pepper / Abbott's / Stout Moray
Euygnathos - Widemouth Moray
Favagineus - Laced / Honeycomb Moray
[Melanospilus - Blackspotted Moray (Favagineus Synonym)
[Permistus - (Favagineus Synonym)
Fimbriatus - Yellowhead / Fimbriated Moray
Flavimarginatus - Yellowedge Moray
Flavoculus - Palenose Moray
Formosus - (no common name assigned)
Funebris - Green Moray
Fuscomaculatus - Brownspotted Moray
Gracilicauda - Slendertail Moray
Griseus - Geometric Moray
Hansi - (no common name assigned)
Hepaticus - Liver Color Moray
Herrei / Brunneus - Herre's Moray
Hubbsi - Lichen Moray
Indicus - (newly discovered)
Intesi - Whitetip Moray
Isingteena - Indo-Pacific Spotted Moray
Javanicus - Giant Javanese Moray
Johnsoni - Whitespotted Moray
Kidako - Kidako Moray
Kolpos - Blacktail
Kontodontos - Shorttooth Moray
Longinaris - Nasal Flap Moray
Longinquus - (no common name assigned)
Maderensis - Sharktooth Moray
Mareei - Spotjaw Moray
Margaritophorus - Blotchnecked Moray
Marshallensis - Marshall Islands Moray
McCoskeri - McCosker Moray
Megspilus - Oman Moray
Melanosomatus - (newly discovered)
Melatremus - Banana Moray
Meleagris - Whitemouth / Comet / Guineafowl / Turkey Moray
Microspila - (no common name assigned)
Microstictus - Smallspot Moray
Miliaris Citrinellus - Goldentail / Golden Dwarf Moray
Miliaris - Fire Coral Moray
Minor - Lesser Moray
Mishri - (newly discovered)
Moluccensis - Moluccan Moray
Monochrous - Drab Moray
Monostigma - Onespot Moray
Mordax - California Moray
Moringa - Spotted Moray
Mucifer - (no common name assigned)
Nasuta - Easter Island Moray
Neglectus - (no common name assigned)
Nigromarginatus - Blackedge Moray
Niphostigmus - Snowflakepatched Moray
Nubilus - Grey Moray
Nudivomer - Yellowmouth / Starry Moray
Nuttingi - Nutting Moray
Obesus - Speckled Moray
Ocellatus - Ocellated Moray
Odishi - (newly discovered)
Panamensis - Masked Moray
Parini - (no common name assigned)
Paucivertebralis - Reticulated Moray
Phalarus - Smallspotted Moray
Pharaonis - (no common name assigned)
Phasmatodes - Ghost Moray
Philippinus - Philippines Moray
Pictus - Paintspotted / Peppered Moray
Pikei - Pike's Moray
Pindae - Pinda Moray
Polygonius - Polygon Moray
Polyspondylus - Manyvertebrae Moray
Polyuranodon - Freshwater Tiger Moray
Porphyreus - Lowfin Moray
Prasinus - Yellow Moray
Prionodon - Yuri / Australian Mottled Moray
Prismodon - Sawtooth Moray
Prolatus - (newly discovered)
Pseudoherrei - False Brown Moray
Pseudomelanosomatus - (newly discovered)
Pseudoprolatus - (newly discovered)
Pseudothyrsoideus - Highfin Moray
Pseudotile - Bengal Lowfin Moray
Punctatofasciatus - Bars & Spots Moray
Punctatus - Red Sea Whitespotted Moray
Randalli - Randall Moray
Reevesii - Reeves
Reticularis - Reticulated / Duskybanded / Net Moray
Richardsonii - Little Moray / Richardson Dwarf Moray
Robinsi - Robins Moray
Rueppelliae - Banded Moray
Ryukyuensis - (no common name assigned)
Sagenodeta - (no common name assigned)
Sagmacephalus - (newly discovered)
Saxicola - Honeycomb / Ocellated Moray
Serratidens - Sawtooth Moray
Shaoi - (no common name assigned)
Smithi - (newly discovered)
Sokotrensis - (no common name assigned)
Steindachneri - Steindachner Moray
Steinitzi - Steinitz Moray
Taiwanensis - Taiwanese Moray
Thyrsoideus - Greyface / Whiteeye Moray
Tile - Indian Mud Moray
Undulatus - Undulated Moray
Unicolor - Brown Moray
Vagrans - (no common name assigned)
Verrilli - Whiteedged Moray
Vicinus - Purplemouth Moray
Vietnamensis - (newly discovered)
Visakhaensis - (no common name assigned)
Walvisensis - (no common name assigned)
Wilsoni - Wilson Moray
Woodwardi - Woodward's Moray
Ypsilon - Y-Bar Moray
Zonipectis - Barredfin Moray

Appendiculata - (no common name assigned)
Argus - Whitespotted Moray
Augusti - Black / Dotted Moray
Australiae - (no common name assigned)
Clepsydra - Hourglass Moray
Helena - Mediterranean Moray
Lentiginosa - Jeweled / Mexican Dragon Moray
Melanotis - Honeycomb / African Dragon Moray
Pavonina - Whitespot / Brazilian Dragon Moray
Pinta - (no common name assigned)
Retifera - Reticulate Moray
Robusta - Stout Moray

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