Top 10 Reasons Why I Didn't Vote for Thread of the Month...

10) Because I've voted every month for my own tank for TOTM and I never win so why would this be any different?
Al Kahalic of Naperville, Illinois

9) I was embarrassed because I drank the vodka myself.
Oliver Clothesoff of Denver, Colorado

8) There weren't enough pictures in those nominated threads, and I refuse to read every word!
I.P. Freely of Fort Worth, Texas

7) Why vote, no matter who wins, I won't read it anyways.
Jaques Strap of Sacramento, California

6) I lost my constitutional right to voting with that felony conviction in Las Vegas... She didn't look like no cop...
Seymour Butz of Rifle, Colorado

Mike Rotch of St. Louis, Missouri

4) I was busy with the three day black-out trying to rid my tank of hair algae and with the power cut, I couldn't get on the computer.
Hugh Jass of San Franscisco, California

3) I had an Ozone leak and been sitting here eating Fritos all month
Amanda Hugginkiss of Madison,OH

2) I'm boycotting thread of the month until somebody has a line on ridding a 50-gallon tank of caulerpa. THAT would be a ThOTM!
Ivana Tinkle of Spokane, Washington

1) I never see where to vote; maybe it should be made a sticky.
Ollie Tabooger of Long Beach, California

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