Top Ten Sneaky Ways Of Browsing Reef Central While At Work...

10) Keep a work related program open in the background and toggle to it whenever someone walks by.
spamin76 of Cincinnati, OH

9) Come in to work early (to browse RC) and go home late (after browsing RC)... might even get a raise in the process!
jeffltodd of Martinez, CA

8) Get Mr. Magoo glasses, set your resolution higher (try 1280 by 1040), then minimize your Reef Central window so only one line at a time shows. When people ask, just tell them old age is setting in and you need quad-focals!
Acolin of 2 miles from Best Beach in Fla.

7) Place a small convex mirror on your monitor to view if anyone is behind you. Also, a small motion sensor to alert you when anyone is within a few feet of your cube.
thrlride of Charlotte, NC

6) When asked what you are doing, reply, "I was just looking which fish to order for lunch. Might also take a clam batter."
Habib of Holland (Europe)

5) Make frequent trips to the restroom with a laptop.
shaw of Indiana

4) Get a job at a public aquarium and call it work related.
Mr. Lizard of Colorado

3) Tell your boss you just got a new client who is in upper management for Sea World, and you need to be able to relate to him, so you're studying up.
brandonberry of Rocky Mount, NC

2) If a co-worker asks what you're doing, reply, "I am thinking about buying the boss a nano cube for his birthday, and I need to learn everything I can about it before I make my decision."
saltyunderground of Webster Groves, MO

1) I set my screen saver to look exactly like the Reef Central home page. My manager and co-workers are so used to seeing it, they don't think twice about it when they walk by and I'm on the board.
jamison of Salt Lake City

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