Top Ten Crazy Ways To Get Money To Buy More Stuff For Your Tank...

10) Selling that cement from the edge of my driveway as "Rare Tonga/Fiji Liverock" on Ebay... MUAHAHAHAHA!!
LFSmarineguy of Long Island, NY

9) Bartering your sibling's labor time to the LFS in exchange for store credits.
jcoopergd of Los Angeles

8) It's crazy... I ask my parents to become a sponsor.
liquidblueman of nyc

7) Start a can drive within your neighborhood and apply 100% of the proceeds to supporting a reef (yours!).
gemini aquarius(t) of Dana Point

6) By setting up a propagation tank in your basement utilizing banks of 400 watt MH's, a large downdraft skimmer run by an Iwaki MD-100RLT, with a second MD-100RLT for flow, and an electric bill thick enough to choke a cow!
StevenPro of Pittsburgh, PA

5) When I run out of money to spend, I sell my Aiptasia to novice hobbyists and tell them it's a rare anemone. I also guarantee them that the two Aiptasia they are getting will be a mated pair (guaranteed spawning)... hahahahaha!!
springeri of OC, garden grove

4) Get a government grant for your continuing research on the mating rituals of the rare and highly-prized Aiptasia.
Humuhumunuku of the San Francisco Bay Area

3) On a dare, drink a cup of skimmate for 20 bucks.
tabwyo of Riverton, Wyoming

2) Stand on a street corner with a sign, 'Will Work For Frags.'
bergzy of The OC, Baby!!! & jazzyreef of Richmond, VA

1) By returning all of my co-worker's 10 cent deposit pop cans. I just need to return 2507 more cans to get that calcium reactor I've been wanting.
AnnArborBuck of Toledo, OH

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