To: The Editor, Reefkeeping Magazine,

I'd like to file a complaint on the Tank of the Month. Am I the only one that knew before I opened the Tank of the Month thread that the tank selected would be dominated by SPS? Is the SPS dominated tank the Holy Grail in reefkeeping? Do all of the TOTM tanks have to be SPS dominated? I know these people put their hearts into these systems, and for that I applaud them. But SPS isn't all there is out there. How come there hasn't been a Clam TOTM?

This whole Tank of the Month selection process is a joke, right? Don't you realize there are other tanks out there? I've yet to see a soft-coral dominated tank take the honor. Why not select a clam tank or a softy tank or a LPS dominated tank for once? We should strive for some diversity here, don't you think? Geesh!!!

Best Regards,


Thanks for writing. Based on your complaint, I've decided to just do away with the Tank of the Month feature for good! Thanks for making my life a lot easier, my friend.

If any of our readers have further complaints they'd like to file about the Tank of the Month process, please click here.

Senior Editor

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