Top Ten Excuses Given To The Cops For The Excessive Lighting Coming Out Of Your Fishroom...

10) It is an experiment, officer. I'm trying to determine if I'll run out of money to pay the bills before the bulbs burn out.
M.T. Wallet of White Plains, NY

9) This is all Sanjay Joshi's fault! He made me do it to help with his metal halide study.
LT_Study of PennState

8) Officer, when traveling by plane, I always like being able to spot my home from the air.
Maverick of Miramar, Calif.

7) You've heard of "Light at the end of the tunnel," right? I just thought I'd see what that was like.
Wiley_Coyote of ACME Acres

6) It's easier to heat my home this way. I might install these lights in every room!
Hot R. Thanhell, N. Dakota

5) It is the only way I can find my way home after hitting the bars.
blind_as_bat of Mammoth Cave, KY

4) Ever since average billing kicked in, I didn't see a reason to cut back on lighting.
Tight Wad of Penny, Arkansas

3) Come on, now, officer! I'm using these lights to increase my coolness factor... I had to come up with some reason to wear sunglasses inside.
Shadyways of So. Calif.

2) No, I have not been teaching local drug lords how to successfully grow plants, only reefers.
Mary Wana of Bogata, Colombia

1) Officer, I'm growing corals, phytoplankton and macro algae. Really! Plus, it doubles for my other hobby: sun tanning.
Goof Us of Indianapolis, Wyoming

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