Top Ten Ways To Tell There Is A Reef Nut In The House Without Actually Seeing The Tank...

10) Before you can enter the house, the host pats you down for mantis shrimp, Aiptasia, and cirolanid pods!!
James Kleppinger (musicman) of Nashville, TN

9) You have more PVC plumbing supplies in your house than your local hardware store.
naru of Yorktown, VA

8) Once a month a group of cars show up at the house and everyone is wearing shorts, T-shirts and flip-flops, but no one has a tan.
Harmsway of Florida

7) When the police visit you so much to investigate the purpose of the light emanating from the house that Dunkin Donuts opened a store right next door!
JohnsReef of Daytona Beach

6) The electric bill arrives in a box rather than an envelope.
jimroth of Macaque Falls, NJ

5) You reach in the freezer for ice only to find Cyclop-eeze, brine shrimp, Mysis shrimp, Prime Reef, Formula One & Two, squid, plankton and bloodworms.
bixo of VA

4) Your electric meter spins so fast, visitors can actually hear it when they walk by.
NH_Reef of Brookline, NH

3) The car in the driveway has a bumper sticker that says, "My Wife - Yes, My Dog - Maybe, My Fish - Never!"
bixo of VA

2) When your wife's directions to your house include, "Just look for the house that glows."
yznhmr of Chicago - nw burbs

1) When all the patio furniture is made from used salt buckets!
Kustomreefer of Cleveland, Ohio

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