Top Ten Things You Have Learned From The Hobby and Now Wish You Didn't Know...

10) My local fish store's first bit of information they gave me!
Mr. Moray of Australia

9) The TDS of the tap water that I used to drink freely without hesitation!
Troy182 of Beaufort, S.C.

8) Pitter98's scientific formula for calculating proper watts per gallon:
Total # of tanks x # of fixtures / watts per fixture x electricity per month x cost of bulb replacement x happy corals x happy you / spending less time with your significant other / upset wife (or g/f) x "that coral that I gotta have" cost / lost productivity scouring the forums for new solutions = way more time and $$$ than we want to spend.
Pitter98 of Kalamazoo, MI.

7) That Caulerpa can 'go sexual.' It's not a good feeling to know that my algae has more fun than I do.
64Ivy of Greenwich, CT

6) How far I will drive (and how much gas I will waste) to get a free frag/fish.
Entropy of Thousand Oaks, CA

5) That free 90 gallon tank that your parents gave you was the beginning of the end of your savings!
howardofnova of Falls Church, VA

4) That the cats get more entertainment from the tank than you do!
lossman of Tampa, FL

3) How quickly a small skimmer cup dumped in the kitchen sink can make my whole house stink!
Anemone of Valencia, California

2) That some fish eat other fishes' poo.
Habib of Holland (Europe)

1) That there is an online forum for reef junkies called Reef Central, and that you can spend hours surfing everyday knowing that you could never read it all.
Lance Chaes - Clive, Iowa

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