2009 is here, and for many of our readers that means cold wintery months. While reading many discussion threads on Reef Central, hobbyists are sharing how nature is affecting their aquariums. Please take the time to protect your livestock from power outages, extreme cold, and faulty equipment. Have a plan in place to deal with the possible circumstances now, rather than scrambling in a panic when time is of the essence. At the very least, battery powered air pumps will assist in a pinch, but you might give serious consideration to purchasing a generator to provide electricity (and heat) during extended power outages. Blankets wrapped around the aquarium can help keep the temperature from dropping too quickly. Even heating saltwater on a gas stove could help. Remember that circulation is the most important consideration, because oxygen levels drop in stagnant water. When power is restored, consider if the water in the sump is both warm enough and is still oxygenated before turning the return pump back on, as that sudden influx of cold stagnant water could do more harm than good. Additional reading

This time of year, many choose to focus more upon their reef tanks, since it is more fun to play indoors than take on the cold outdoors. Perhaps you've wanted to frag some corals, but are unsure how. I've seen quite a few threads asking how to go about fragging a variety of corals, so for your convenience, here are a number of helpful articles:

Fragmenting a Green Tree Coral

Gorgonian Propagation Techniques

Propagating Acanthastrea

Propagating Euphyllia sp. (Frogspawn)

Propagating Fungia sp. (Plate coral)

Propagating Sinularia sp. and Lobophytum crassum

Propagation of Anchor and Brain Corals

Propagation of Colt and Organ Pipe Corals

Propagation of Xenia sp.

Expect to find more interesting articles in Reefkeeping Magazine this year, and remember that all of our past issues are always available, merely a click (or two) away. Happy reefing!

Marc Levenson (melev)
Managing Editor

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