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Rogger Castells

Rogger was born on 1967 in Guayaquil, Ecuador and got his start in marine aquariums early in life.  At the age of seven his aunt gave him his first 10-gallon tank, originally set up as a freshwater tank, which quickly became a saltwater tank.  From there, it has evolved into many successful marine aquariums.

His lifelong passion as an aquarist was not enough to satisfy his love for the ocean, so he obtained his scuba certification in the early 80’s and he spent several summers and countless hours observing fish behavior in the Galapagos Islands.  It was there that he realized his love and respect for all sea inhabitants was huge.

Rogger now resides in Weston, Florida, where he continues his passion for saltwater fishes and corals.
Rogger’s other passion and career was in the kitchen.  He obtained a culinary degree and applied his nutritional knowledge to create his own fish food mixes.  His fish food became very popular among his local fish club's members (The Florida Marine Aquarium Society), where he currently serves as President. Rogger has recently started to produce his food in greater quantities and plans to make it available all over the US.

Rogger can be reached through Reef Central (screen name: Rogger Castells) or via email.